William Hinton Rum Madeira 6yrs

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Country of Origin:
Madeira Island
Origin Denomination:
Rum Agricola da Ilha da Madeira
6 years in oak barrels + minimum 1 year in Madeira wine barrels
Alcohol Content %:
William Hinton
A limited edition rum from William Hinton, which takes a blend of Madeiran agricole rum and ages it for six years. Just one cask maturation wasn&t enough, so this Rum was further aged in Madeira wine casks. The different cask influences make for a very complex and rich spirit. This rum has a slightly dark brown color. Its entry into the mouth is slightly sweet, with a balanced acidity. Standing out the wood flavor and balance to nuts. Lots of woody oak, sweet chocolatey notes and lots of jammy fruit, an acidic citrus note alongside an oily nuttiness.
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